Teoxane ™ Cosmeceuticals are a line of products designed to improve the youthfulness, elasticity, and smoothness of skin as well as to complement facelift surgery, facial fillers, and BOTOX®. The products contain a unique form of time-released hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally-occurring substance in connective tissues and skin that promotes volume and retains moisture.

Dr. Michael J. Brucker frequently recommends Teoxane™ to his La Jolla patients who are interested in the best anti-aging cosmeceutical products. He has found that the products can improve a variety of aesthetic concerns. They can complement the benefits of other treatments and surgical procedures he provides. Patients can choose from among the full line of Teoxane ™ solutions available through his practice.

The Purpose of Teoxane™

Teoxane can address a variety of skincare needs. Some of the highlights from its collection of products include:

RHA Serum. Dr. Brucker likes this product because it includes hyaluronic acid—similar to many dermal fillers—but it is also engineered to penetrate the skin, add volume, and hydrate the dermis. This can improve the skin’s quality and diminish fine lines and wrinkles over time.  Patients frequently notice a plumper, smoother appearance to their skin with pore minimization.  This product is a skincare staple.

Advanced Filler (Dry Skin). This anti-wrinkle cream is specially formulated to comfort dry skin and reduce the appearance of lines and folds.

Perfect Skin Refiner. Used to enhance the complexion, this cream evens skin tone (including age spots) and refines the pores for visible results in about two weeks.

Why Dr. Brucker Recommends Teoxane™

In Dr. Brucker’s experience treating patients in La Jolla, Teoxane™ products have performed very well and he will only recommend products that he uses and loves himself.  Whether patients require daily skin care or need to maintain their results following cosmetic procedures, Teoxane™ can enhance the appearance and youthfulness of their features.

  • Dr. Brucker will talk with you about what you want to accomplish and conduct a comprehensive examination of areas of concern.

Your Experience with Teoxane™

La Jolla patients receive complete guidelines for using their Teoxane™ products as part of their visit with Dr. Brucker. He and his staff will talk with you about what you can expect at different stages of treatment. If you have questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact his practice.

After Dr. Brucker helps you determine which Teoxane™ products you should use, you can begin applying them right away. The timeline for your results will depend on your individual regimen. For example, RHA-infused products should have visible effects after about two weeks of regular use. 

Rejuvenating creams and solutions are an excellent way to support the health and beauty of your skin. However, they are one point on a spectrum of care options. If you find after using Teoxane™ that you want more improvement than its products offer, you can return to Dr. Brucker’s practice to discuss alternative treatments and procedures.

La Jolla patients benefit from the restorative qualities of Teoxane™ products both after aesthetic procedures and as standalone treatments. Learn more by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Brucker online or by phone at 858-707-7517.