Dr Brucker was the first doctor I met with and after meeting with him and discussing what i wanted, I felt that I needed to look no further. I had a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a full breast lift with silicon implant. I am less than fortunate to be plagued with poor skin elasticity due to years of prednisone use for my severe asthma. Issues with my skin actually caused some complications with closure around my nipple during the procedure, then problems with blood flow to the nipple after the procedure. While in recovery, Dr Brucker immediately noticed I was losing blood flow to my nipple, he made the decision to take most of the sutures out and pack the area until he could see me the next morning. I already knew he was a great doctor, but when he showed up at my hotel room at 8 a.m the next day to check on my minor complication I knew I had made the right decision in choosing him. At only four months post op my scars are barely noticeable and I look and feel better than ever. I will forever be grateful for how great of a job Dr Brucker has done, he has a true gift. Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful body and for giving me my self confidence back!

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