Couple of my friends referred me to Dr. Brucker for Breast Augmentation. My other friend used to work for him and she mentioned that he’s a great doctor, which is true. I came in to my consultation and the office was really nice. His staff were really great and friendly. When he came in the room, he doesn’t start picking up the implants sample or gown to wear but he starts talking to you first on what you wanted done and explains everything in his knowledge. He lets me ask questions and concerns regarding breast augmentation. He lets my husband be part of the conversation as to what is good for me and what to expect after surgery. Unlike some other doctors, they would tell me to pretend that my hubby is not there and ask me what size or how big do i really want. 

Anyway, Dr brucker took us to the other room where he’s got the 3D Imaging where you can manipulate your 3D self and try different CC’s. I thought this part was really cool. I can see myself with 350cc, 400cc, and so on. 

I have 5 doctors to see for consultation. Dr. Brucker was my 2nd one on the list and I dont think i have to look any further. Dr Brucker is great. I will update my review after my surgery.

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