I don’t even know where to begin describing how fantastic Dr. Brucker and his staff are.  I currently am 6 weeks post-op after a breast augmentation and lift, and I both look and feel great.  I went into the operation as around a C-cup, and mostly just wanted to be plumped up a bit.  I was terrified of ending up too big.  (Apparently, the last words that I said to Dr. Brucker before the anesthesia knocked me out were, “If you make me too big, I’ll kill you.”)  My breasts are absolutely perfect now – he got the size exactly right.  They look so natural that most people would not know that I had any work done (which was what I wanted).  Dr. Brucker was so warm and willing to take time with me before the surgery.  I met with him twice – once on my own when I was interviewing a few Dr’s, and then once with my husband once I was pretty sure he was my choice.  On both occasions, he was so patient and so willing to answer every single question that we had.  After the surgery, at my post-op check ups, he was equally willing to answer every single question.  He’s not only a great doctor, but also seems like a genuinely good guy.

His nurse, Jen, also is wonderful – super knowledgeable and also so willing to help. (I called her a few times post-op with what I am sure were ridiculous questions, and she always got back to me right away, never making me feel silly for having called.) His patient coordinator Tricia and Kristen who works up front are equally fantastic – so friendly and yet professional.  

Honestly, I cannot imagine having a better experience than I had with Dr. Brucker and his staff.  The results were great, and they made the entire experience so easy.  If there were a 10 star option on Yelp, I’d give them that.

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