Dr. Brucker’s office team provides a beautiful, clean, and calming atmosphere. Everyone performs their role excellently, and remains very informative and friendly. Dr. Brucker is extremely kind and accessible–listening to any concern that I have– always responding with honest, trustworthy answers. He does not try to sell” other procedures, and is, in fact, very conservative when it comes to “my desire for more!”I have received several treatments, surgeries, at Dr. Brucker’s because of their professionalism, search for perfection, quality, and follow through. The attention to my needs is extraordinary. I’ve had an eyelid repair, facelift, arm lift, back lift, thigh lift, posterior lift, liposuction, and tummy lift. When Dr. Brucker and I discuss any post-surgical concerns, he is always open to my needs, and willing to repair if my body hasn’t reacted ideally, or has trouble maintaining stitches. The office immediately hops on any challenges I may face, which have been few given the amount of surgery that I have invested in myself with Dr. Brucker.” The procedures have changed my life a great deal. I am much, much happier with my body. I’m addressing evolving age in a way that makes me proud. I found the right surgeon and team for me. I wear my clothes and bathing suits differently, and I feel more attractive. The great thing about Dr. Brucker’s careful detail and perfection is, no one has ever asked me if I had surgery–even my son. All has been subtle, but perfect.

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