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Have you undergone breast augmentation but are now unhappy with the results? Do you have a complication from your breast augmentation surgery that needs correction? Every year, Dr. Brucker of Brucker Plastic Surgery works with many La Jolla and Del Mar women who desire a breast implant revision. Often some of his most rewarding work, Dr. Brucker enjoys the challenge of remedying issues from their previous breast surgeries and providing them with the aesthetic look they have wanted all along.

Dr. Brucker understands that if you’ve had a negative experience with a breast augmentation surgery in the past, despite your desire to correct your issue, you might be hesitant to move forward with breast implant revision surgery. For this reason, he spends ample time with his La Jolla and Del Mar area breast implant revision patients so that he can understand their concerns and desires and create a personalized surgical plan to revise their breasts.

Issues that Breast Implant Revision Surgery Can Correct

If you worked with another plastic surgeon for breast implants in the past and are experiencing aesthetic problems, you may be considering a new practitioner for your breast implant revision surgery. Dr. Brucker has over 15 years of experience performing breast augmentation revisions, so you can trust his skill and experience in correcting a variety of breast implant complications, including:

Bottoming Out

Well-placed breast implants should proportionately fill the upper and lower poles of each breast, creating natural-looking shape and cleavage. When implants bottom out, however, the breast implants drop from their optimal position to disproportionately fill the bottom of the breast. Bottoming out can occur on one or both of your breasts, which can create an asymmetrical, uneven look. Additionally, with bottomed out implants, nipples appear to be too high on the breasts, or even point up. Bottoming out can happen when a surgeon uses breast implants that are too large for your body or incorrectly creates breast pockets that are too low.

Capsular Contracture

With all breast implant patients, the body will form a protective capsule around them. In some rare cases, though, some patients may create excessive scar tissue, which can contract around one or both implants. This may result in your augmented breasts having a tight sensation, feeling unnaturally firm, or moving up to an unusually high position. Capsular contracture frequently causes a misshapen and unnatural appearance to the breasts.  Although the exact causes are unknown, it is theorized that the mishandling of implants during the surgical procedure, micro infection, or utilizing the periareolar approach (nipple incision) can increase your chances of capsular contracture.

Poor Scarring

Whenever Dr. Brucker places breast implants, his goal is to make your scarring as unnoticeable as possible as most patients from La Jolla and Del Mar don’t want it to be obvious that they’ve had work done. If you have less than ideal scars or scars that haven’t healed well, a breast implant revision surgery with Dr. Brucker can help to resolve this issue.

Improper Shape or Asymmetry

Sometimes after an initial breast augmentation, you may not receive the natural-looking, beautiful results you had desired. There are particular reasons that may cause your augmented breasts to be misshapen or asymmetrical. A breast implant revision consultation with Dr. Brucker can give you a clear idea of your options available to repair these issues.

Dr. Brucker’s Approach to Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Because every woman’s experience with a breast augmentation complication is different, no two breast implant revision surgeries are the same. Every surgical plan is unique, based on your specific needs. With over 15 years of experience as a plastic surgeon in the La Jolla and Del Mar area and having performed over 5,000 plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Brucker has the artistic ability and technical expertise to revise and correct your breast augmentation.

Dr. Brucker’s approach to your breast implant revision surgery may include:

  • Using a variety of breast implant revision techniques such as pocket reshaping, inframammary fold reconstruction, and/or placement of acellular dermal matrices such as Strattice to provide you with a more aesthetically appealing breasts.
  • In the case of asymmetry, making subtle pocket changes to one or both of your augmented breasts to create a balanced and even look.
  • If you’re experiencing complications with scarring, using precise surgical techniques to help minimize the appearance of your scars.

Schedule a Breast Implant Revision Consultation with Dr. Brucker Today

Dr. Brucker understands that like many other La Jolla and Del Mar women, if you’ve had a bad experience or results from an initial breast augmentation surgery, it can be difficult for you to trust another surgeon. This is why he emphasizes the importance of a thorough consultation with him, during which time you can express your concerns and desires.  Dr. Brucker can then go over a detailed treatment plan specifically tailored for your specific problem.

To schedule a breast implant revision consultation today, call Brucker Plastic Surgery in the La Jolla and Del Mar area at (858) 450-1776.