Close Up of Female's Flat Stomach in Black Panties Copy 1After losing a significant amount of weight, some of the men and women living in the La Jolla area try everything imaginable to rid themselves of the saggy skin around their midriff. They diet and live at the gym focusing on sit-ups and planks, but don’t see any improvement with the loose skin on their midsection. This loose skin is an unfortunate after effect of losing a lot of weight that leaves many weight loss patients still feeling uncomfortable in their bodies. It can even be painful or sore for some patients, and they feel that something must be done.

The solution to this common problem is a tummy tuck, or sometimes, a circumferential body lift, which I frequently perform on both men and women in La Jolla, which can eliminate this excess skin on the abdomen for good. I pay close attention to detail to give you a very natural looking result with a scar that usually can be hidden in a bikini or swim trunks so that no one will need to know that you’ve had work done.

Why Tummy Tucks Are so Important for Massive Weight Loss Patients

People on a mission to lose a lot of weight are doing so for many reasons. They want to be healthier, to be more active with their kids, and of course, to look great. But even after they’ve reached their goal weight, many find that they don’t look the way they had envisioned themselves. Yes, they’re trimmer, but the saggy skin around their abdomen makes them feel self-conscious and they want to be able to go to the pool or beach without a t-shirt covering them up.

This is why a tummy tuck can be such an empowering surgery for La Jolla residents who’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. After significant weight loss, your skin doesn’t always have the ability to shrink to its former size. Skin loses its elasticity after weight gain/loss, pregnancies, as we age, and from sun damage. However, with my help, you can have this excess unwanted skin permanently removed, so you have a trimmer silhouette and more contoured abdomen.

While diet and exercise helped you achieve the number you see on the scale and should still remain a part of your life moving forward, they aren’t the answer to eliminating saggy skin. Only plastic surgery can remove and tighten skin which is why a tummy tuck is such an important part of a person’s transformation after significant weight loss.

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Dr. Brucker Thumbnail HeadshotIf you’ve met your weight loss goal and have been at a stable weight for several months, it’s time to start thinking about the next step. I welcome you to schedule an appointment with me at my La Jolla practice to discuss how a tummy tuck can help you achieve the look you desire.

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