After years of struggling with my huge nose, I’ve finally saved enough to fix it! This has been a dream come true. I am still healing and I am only on my third day post op. But everyday has been better than the last. This office made me feel so safe and at home. The staff was great. But more importantly the Doctor had the same vision that I wanted for my nose. He was not trying to change my face. Just enhance it. He spent about 40 min with me for my first consult and did not rush me at all. After that I had a pre-op with his nurse who was very informative.

Then finally it was the big day! The surgery room was very comfortable, even though I only remember a few minutes of it but when I woke up I was very relaxed. When it was time for me to leave I did get a little dizzy but the nurse assisted me right away with medication and helped me onto the wheel chair.

Day 1: When I got home I slept for a few hours then I took some pain medication and felt very relaxed. I was swollen but really not that bad. I had to breathe through my mouth, which was a little uncomfortable. But I slept well.
Day 2: Much more swollen. I went in for a follow up where the Doctor told me I was doing great and took off my drip pad.
Day 3: I’m off my pain medication and feel great. Now I’m having problems passing stool. Otherwise I love the results.
Day 4: I had my sutures removed today. It stung a lot but I’m so glad they’re out! They were starting to feel a bit tight. I had my first coffee today and the nurse gave me some tips for my stool problems. I can finally see a bit more of my nose & it’s making everything feel so worth it!!!
Day 5: … will continue tomorrow 🙂

My nose drove me crazy for years. I’m so happy I can do things without thinking how it’s gonna make my nose look.

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