If you have had a breast augmentation procedure from another surgeon and are dissatisfied with the outcome, either because of the decisions that the doctor made or because of changes in your breasts over time you may want to consider breast revision. 

If you have a result that doesn’t look right or fit well with your body, Dr. Michael J. Brucker has extensive experience performing breast revision procedures for La Jolla and Del Mar patients. While he enjoys helping patients with a variety of aesthetic goals, Breast Implant revision surgeries are some of the most gratifying because of the significant improvement he can offer those in his care. Regardless of how discouraging your earlier outcome may be, he invites you to explore solutions with his practice.

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Problems That Breast Revision Can Correct

Complications after an augmentation can cause one of several concerns:

Bottoming out. Implants should add fullness to the upper swell of the breast. In a case of bottoming out, the implant moves to the bottom of the breast, creating an off-balanced look with nipples in a position that is too high on the breast mound or pointing upwards. Overly large implants or incorrect technique in creating the implant pocket can lead to this result.

Capsular contracture. In a normal augmentation procedure, the body forms a protective capsule around the implant. In some cases, a patient may form excessive scar tissue.  This scar tissue, also called a “capsule” can contract, giving the breast a tight, high, misshapen, and unnatural appearance. Some patients have a genetic tendency to form thicker capsules.  Improper handling of the implant during surgery and infection are theorized to be some of the other causes of contracture. 

Poor scarring. Some patients may be prone to forming less than ideal scars due to genetics.  Some surgeons heavily promote techniques that require shorter incisions or that place incisions in unobtrusive locations. In some cases, these techniques put undue strain on the incision site. Scars may not heal well as a result.

Shape and asymmetry. For a variety of reasons, your breasts may not be as beautiful, full, and natural-looking as they should be after your augmentation and/or breast lift surgery. Also, the breasts may not mirror one another as closely as you would like.

With a properly performed breast revision, La Jolla and Del Mar patients can improve these concerns and achieve the outcome they were originally hoping to get with surgery.

How Dr. Brucker Performs Breast Revision

No two breast revision procedures are the same. Every La Jolla and Del Mar patient has unique goals and requirements based on their original augmentation and the changes in their breasts over time. As a result, your outcome with breast revision will depend heavily on the experience of your doctor in a variety of surgical challenges.

Dr. Brucker has been in practice for over 15 years and has conducted more than 5,000 procedures for the face, breasts, and body. He has seen and improved the full range of problems that patients can experience after augmentation. During the procedure, he will focus on:

  • Dr. Brucker uses breast revision to give La Jolla and Del Mar patients a more youthful, perky, natural, and attractive appearance.
  • To help the breasts look like one another, Dr. Brucker may address problems with one breast (if capsular contracture is present, for example) or make subtle changes to both breasts.
  • Dr. Brucker uses special techniques that help minimize scars over time.  

Your Experience with Breast Revision

La Jolla and Del Mar patients begin with an initial consultation at Dr. Brucker’s practice. Together, you will discuss the concerns that you have following your augmentation, and Dr. Brucker will evaluate these issues and thoroughly review the options available to you. Patients are sometimes surprised to learn that a situation they felt was impossible to resolve has a straightforward, established, and effective solution.

Your breast revision surgery will take place in one of Dr. Brucker’s AAAASF-certified operating rooms to ensure your comfort and safety. His approach will depend on your needs but may include:

  • Replacing your implants with a style, size, or shape more appropriate to your body’s frame and breast tissue.
  • Removing scar tissue that is causing capsular contracture.
  • Taking fat from an area of your body where you don’t want it and grafting that fat to improve irregularities or hollow places in the breasts.
  • Using an acellular dermal matrix (ADM) such as Strattice to give areas of the breasts more structure and inhibit capsular contracture.
  • Revising the breast tissue or scars for more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

There are a variety of other options available for breast revision patients. If you want to improve the appearance of your breasts following an earlier procedure, Dr. Brucker encourages you to explore solutions with his practice.

La Jolla and Del Mar patients can learn more about breast revision by scheduling an appointment online or by phone.

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