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Over time your brow can sag downwards and create wrinkle lines along your forehead and make your eyes look “hooded.” As a result, you may have a concerned, unhappy, or aged appearance even if your face is otherwise youthful and relaxed.

Dr. Michael J. Brucker provides brow lift to La Jolla patients as a way of restoring their features and resolving these issues. Depending on the patient’s goals, he can conduct the procedure either as a standalone surgery or in tandem with other treatments, such as eyelid lift and facelift.

As a skilled provider in facial aesthetics and an experienced, board-certified surgeon, Dr. Brucker can perform a brow lift to address signs of aging and create natural-looking and attractive improvements. He will base his surgical approach on extensive consultation with you so that your outcome matches your expectations, and he will provide you with attentive care at every step in your experience.

The Purpose of Brow Lift

Brow lift surgery can resolve several concerns:

  • Sagging forehead and brow.
  • Horizontal creases above the eyes.
  • Deep vertical furrows between the eyebrows (frown lines).
  • Excess skin that creates an angry, tired, or brooding appearance.

In the procedure, Dr. Brucker elevates the forehead tissue, skin, and muscles and removes excess skin with small incisions using an endoscope. These techniques firm up the brow without over-tightening, and they give the eyes a brighter and more open appearance.

Brow lift offers La Jolla patients restorative effects lasting 5-8 years. You may see even more improvement based on the original height of your brow, the condition of your skin, and your normal rate of aging.

How Dr. Brucker Performs Brow Lift

During your initial visit, Dr. Brucker will discuss your goals, examine your features, and evaluate whether you are a good candidate for a brow lift. Some La Jolla brow lift patients require improvement only in the area above the eyes; others could benefit from revision to the midface and lower face as well. Dr. Brucker will talk with you about whether your areas of concern and his recommendations to achieve the results you are seeking.

During the procedure, Dr. Brucker takes the time to restore the brow to a position that matches the patient’s needs. For younger La Jolla patients, this may mean a flatter brow position. For women, a somewhat lower placement can provide a sultry appearance. He is very conservative in his approach and avoids over-lifting the brow, which can create an unnatural, surprised appearance.

While each surgery is patient-dependent, there are some common techniques that Dr. Brucker uses:

  • You will receive general anesthesia so that you can be comfortable throughout the experience.
  • Dr. Brucker will place small incisions behind the hairline so that they will be hidden from view.
  • He will use an endoscopic surgical method. This minimally invasive approach offers greater precision, an easier recovery, and surgical scars that are virtually unnoticeable.

Your Experience with Brow Lift

Procedures take place at Dr. Brucker’s practice in La Jolla. His facility includes two operating rooms certified by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. This accreditation helps ensure safety and comfort for patients.

Following your brow lift, you can expect a very manageable recovery. You may experience some swelling and bruising in the temple area of the face over the first few days, however. Dr. Brucker will schedule 2-3 visits with you over the two weeks after your surgery so that he can follow your progress. If you plan to have brow lift combined with another procedure, Dr. Brucker can provide a revised timeline for your recuperation.

Because Dr. Brucker’s brow lift technique uses well-hidden incisions, patients report being presentable for social situations within 5 to 7 days after surgery. Once the signs of your procedure have faded, you should be able to enjoy the results: a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

Brow lift offers La Jolla patients a well-established surgical option for rejuvenating their features. Learn more by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Brucker online or by phone. 

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