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Brucker Plastic Surgery is proud to provide our patients with the revolutionary web portal TouchMD. Recently endorsed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), this technology is changing the way in which patients interact with their doctors. The technology turns the pre-consult days and wait times into opportunities for education. It greatly enhances the doctor’s interaction with the patients and creates personalized and secure internet portal for the patient to review during their consultation.

What TouchMD Does

TouchMD is a computer hardware and software system designed to improve the doctor’s relationship with patients and to educate the patients on what they can expect. TouchMD allows patients to see information on specific procedures and topics. This touch screen technology enhances patient’s education and allows them to fully understand the process. Patients can clearly and efficiently communicate their thoughts, goals and questions with Dr. Brucker during the consultation. TouchMD allows patients to see animated models that can show them the potential results for specific treatments and procedures.

TouchMD gives Dr. Brucker the ability to use interactive and visual tools that help him communicate and explain treatment options, risks and benefits, potential results, and other factors. This technology helps Dr. Brucker to provide you with a clear understanding of the many aspects of treatment.

Being able to fully comprehend the process and details of specific procedures and able to ask specific questions helps both you and Dr. Brucker. It gives you an enhanced comprehension of what to expect and provides Dr. Brucker with a tool to better communicate the specific and personalized aspects of your care. Dr. Brucker strongly believes that informed patients and a higher level of doctor-patient communication leads to better outcomes.

What You can Expect from TouchMD

TouchMD includes a variety of topics and virtual avenues you can explore, all by way of a state-of-the-art, touch-screen interface.

These include:

The Virtual Tour

Because TouchMD is customized to our practice, you can see biographical and credential information on our plastic surgeon, as well as introductions to other members of our team who will be caring for you.

Before Surgery and After Surgery

TouchMD provides you with pre-operative and post-operative detailed information of what you can expect. This gives you a greater understanding of the process from start to finish.

Topic Videos

Most procedures have helpful video descriptions that you can view on the TouchMD screen.

Personal TouchMD Web Portal

To access TouchMD click on the MyTouchMD button on the home page of our website. The personal user interface that you created prior to your consultation will take you to a secure, fully HIPPA compliant, webpage where you can view content from your very own consult. On your personal account, you can see preoperative photos with notations from Dr. Brucker, review Vectra 3D imaging,and take time reading informed content forms and education videos. Also, after completing your procedure, you can see your very own before and after photos.

Please contact Dr. Brucker at Brucker Plastic Surgery with any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals with beautiful, natural-looking results.