Sexy Model in White Bathing Suit with No CelluliteMany men and women like yourself who want sleeker, smoother looking bodies, turn to liposuction to give them the results they desire. In fact, liposuction is in high demand at my practice, and one that I have performed on thousands of patients with a very high satisfaction rate. And while liposuction can remove up to inches of stubborn fat per session, many people wonder, “Can liposuction remove cellulite too?”

The Facts About Cellulite

We all know what cellulite looks like – it leaves a dimpled, lumpy, cottage cheese-like appearance on our skin where we have fat deposits. For the men and women living in the La Jolla area, cellulite is more common for women due to their thinner skin and the typical areas of complaint are on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. Cellulite is not necessarily due to weight gain.  I have very active and fit patients with cellulite and there is a genetic component as well.

Liposuction 101

Most people know that liposuction removes fat, but often they don’t have a clear understanding of how the procedure really works. During the liposuction procedure, I make a very small incision on your treatment area and inject a fluid to anesthetize the area and also to constrict blood vessels and release fat cells. Then, I use a small tube called a cannula to suction stubborn fat out of your problem areas. The fat layer that is liposuctioned is deeper and not right under your skin. Cellulite lives in the layer right under your skin but this cannot be liposuctioned as it will cause an uneven result and pronounced dimpling. 

Unfortunately, Liposuction Doesn’t Eliminate Cellulite

If liposuction could eliminate cellulite, everyone would want it done for the double benefit of fat and cellulite removal.  Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. That doesn’t mean that liposuction isn’t a beneficial plastic surgery procedure. Liposuction is highly valued by plastic surgery patients because it reshapes and re-contours their bodies and may improve but not eliminate the appearance of cellulite.  Still, the removal of stubborn fat deposits that just won’t go away no matter how hard you diet or exercise is a great relief to my patients.  

The Proper Way to Treat Cellulite

If you do have cellulite that you find very unattractive, there are other viable options to choose from that I would be happy to discuss with you. Residents of La Jolla who have an excessive amount of cellulite may be good candidates for treatments that remove excess skin and fat – like a tummy tuck or a body lift. If you have smaller amounts of cellulite, then I perform a treatment called Cellfina which is a permanent solution for the removal of dimpled cellulite.  Cellfina can be done under local anesthesia in less than an hour and a quick recovery time.

Learning More About Your Options

You may have stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise and can be removed with liposuction, or cellulite that requires Cellfina treatment or another surgical procedure. As an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon in La Jolla, I have dedicated myself to helping men and women just like yourself to look and feel their very best, both inside and out. 

Dr Brucker Thumbnail Headshot CopyIf you think that liposuction or Cellfina will help give you the body you’ve always desired – or regain one that you may have lost due to pregnancy or weight fluctuation – then don’t delay.

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